HP DESIGN BUILD is  a  premier builder of luxury homes and commercial projects.   We offer a perfect blend of exquisite custom design and quality construction.​  All homes  are custom designed by owner/operator, Hudson Pierce, including floor plans.  Hudson is a custom contractor and works with you directly.  


Our services include:

Remodeling and Home Design

State Licensed Contractor
Residential & Commercial 

LIC #: RBCO005742 & RLO003859



We are proud members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HOME BUILDERS and THE GREATER ATLANTA HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION.  We are a state and locally licensed company. 

Please be aware  a local county or city business license is not the same as a state contractor license.

"Some contractors advertise they are “licensed”. Do not assume the word “license” refers to a state contractor’s license. All contractors, whether state licensed or not, are required in most local county or city jurisdictions to have a local license such as a business license required for tax purposes. That local license does NOT mean they hold a state contractor’s license or that they may lawfully perform the work that a state licensed contractor may perform. You should always ask any contractor who claims to have a license for a copy of that license or the licensing information and should verify that license with the issuing authority. If the project requires a state license, You can confirm your contractor holds the required state licensed online.    You can check with your county or city government to make sure your contractor has the proper local licensing. You can report someone operating without the required state or local license to the proper authority."  Source: http://www.hbag.org/page.asp?pg=Reg-Builder%20Licensing%20General

Remodeling and Home Design